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Dark Days by Leonie Rogers
(Book 2 in Leonie's Rogers' new fantasy series The Albatar Chronicles )

Book Cover Coming Soon

With the defeat of the Greater Gorgone, Kazari has survived her first ordeal as a Hunter. But the battle left both her body and mind scarred. As Kazari's training intensifies, the nightmares that haunt her sleep threaten to overwhelm her. Kazari has learned a great deal as a Hunter and Dancer, but she is still the only one who can sense when a demon from Beyond - a gorgone - is nearby. And as the Lady's followers prepare themselves for war, it becomes clear that Kazari will become one of the Lady's greatest weapons - if she can overcome her own fears.

But the threat to Albatar is rising - and evil lurks in surprising places.

The White Pavilion by Ruth Fox

Book Cover Coming Soon

When Imre falls dancing the Dance of a Thousand Steps, she is called to the Citadel by the Principe Regent, certain she is to be punished.

But the Regent is both more and less than he seems, and Imre must discover why Tierra Méjor is being ripped from its Core.

On a planet that moves to the ticking of a pendulum, can Imre prevent her world being torn apart?

Slip Stream by Alice Godwin

Book Cover Coming Soon

When the body of a young heiress is found and her baby, ripped from the still warm corpse, is taken; the woman's half-brother swears to bring those responsible to justice. It is a task that appears almost impossible until years later when he discovers the child's name, Raven.

Now Raven lives on the edge of society, earning her living surrounded and immersed in the electronic chatter and detritus of a future world. And then Ceriful crosses the boundaries, bringing the slipstream in his wake.

Ceriful - sometimes demon and sometimes angel, but always dangerous - a being from another reality, part fantasy, part product of those who still dream, and oh so enticing. Ceriful needs Raven to restore his realm, and he brings with him a promise. Now Raven's decision will either save his world, or ours.

But when the fantastic becomes real, people die.

Petrichor by Melanie Rees

Cover of Petrichor showing young boy and fox against a drought stricken farm

Drought has turned the paddocks of Paddle Creek Station to dust. Now the death of Clayton's older brother has shaken his family to its core and left a gaping hole in Clayton's memory. A hole his parents won't even discuss.

When Waringa, in the shape of a fox-spirit, tells Clayton it's up to him to save his family and to free the rain spirits held prisoner by the demonic Red King, Clayton must find a strength within himself he never knew he possessed.

But as Waringa guides Clayton towards his ultimate battle with the Red King, his quest brings his whole family closer to the abandoned homestead where his brother died. And as it does Clayton's actions uncover raw wounds, forcing hidden memories to surface.

Nightfall, Audiobook narrated by Alan Malcolm and Sally Bruce, Book 1 in the Clemhorn Trilogy by Andrew J Harvey:
Paperback and ebook published by Zmok Books

Audiobook Cover

After eighty years of war the remnants of humanity on the Nayarit Line struggled to survive in sealed domes, surrounded by radioactive wasteland and genetically engineered viruses. It was in the last, desperate years of the war that the first trans-temporal portal was developed at Chiqu, a small research facility on the west coast of North America. As the domes finally failed and civilization collapsed around them, Iapura led fifty-three survivors to found a new empire on a parallel Earth; an Earth where, in 1884, Russian and English armies faced each other across America’s Great Plains, totally unprepared for the technology of the invading Nayarit.

The Cross-Temporal Empire now encompasses 54 parallel Earths. But with its ruling Council riven by dissent the death of First Leader Manet, sets the Council into a slow and irrevocable slide into civil war. A war that threatens not only the lives of the Clemhorn siblings: Conrad, Arnold, Donald, and Ivy; but the very future of the Empire.

Original paperback & eBook published by Zmok Books and distributed by Simon and Schuster.


Asparagus Grass by Adrian Deans
(Book 1 in a stunning new series)
Available July 5 2003

Book Cover - Man standing in green light before a star field

Mitch Kuiper works for the Council pulling out asparagus grass - a tough spiky weed that conquers entire suburbs. Mitch's life is entirely normal until he meets two quirky young women with incredible secrets and, as Mitch is drawn into their worlds, he finds his head exploding with the perils before him - a galactic war, in which he has just become a key player.

The War of the Worlds in Real Time,

Fake Newspaper headline - Martians seize London

A fictionalised docudrama written by HG Wells, Leonie Rogers, Michael Cnudde, Andrew Harvey, and Ken Vickery will be tweeted live throughout the month of June from @1897WotW, and live on our blog at and


New Eden, by Ruth Fox, book 2 in Ruth's The Ark Trilogy will be available from CamCat Publishing 29 August 2023.

Book cover showing: whales flying in the air

The fight for the future of the whales has just begun.

With tensions rising back on Earth between the Adherants, a sect devoted to keeping humanity from colonizing space, and Earth United, it is even more important for Seiiki and the whales to reach New Eden quickly and safely. But as the contingent comes out of hyperspace, an unknown computer error sends them off-course into an asteroid belt. The military escort ships land badly damaged on New Eden, and the whales are trapped inside a crippled Seiiki, several kilometers from the planned landing site. And it seems their new home planet is not the peaceful paradise they expected.

Praise for "Under the Heavens" (Book 1 in The Ark Trilogy)
"an intriguing YA sci-fi thriller with environmental, social, technological, and biblical elements!" MTM (Goodreads reviewer)

Vortex on Vertu Prime, Book 3 in the Portal Adventure
by Andrew J Harvey will be released by by Peasantry Press May 2 2023

Book cover showing: Young boy, girl, teddy and alien friend

Thrown back in time on a strange planet, Tania, Mark, and Windracer's only hope of getting home is a bossy, alien teddy bear called Edward. A bear who has decided to adopt Tania, much to her disgust. The last thing Tania needs is someone else telling her what to do-her mother does enough of that! And the holiday had started so well when her mother had invited them to Vertu Station with her.

But the Station is a wreck, and her mom quickly accepts an offer from the manager of Vertu Prime's 5-star hotel to put the children up for a week. The hotel, occupies the lower floors of the planet's sole remaining arcology; a massive, pyramid-shaped, self-contained city.

When archaeologists accidentally activate an alien temporal warp generator, Tania, Mark, Windracer, and Edward are thrown backward through time. With Edward's power reserves dangerously low, it is up to the three friends to reach the generator and turn it off-before it destroys the planet.

Praise for "The Portal Adventures" Series
"An unforgettable, fast-paced intergalactic adventure… An outstanding innovation on a well-loved theme. The Portal Adventures is well-told and yes, thoroughly believable." - Shelley Davidow

Adrian Deans on Muse

In the lead up to the publication of his inaugural Hague title Asparagus Grass Adrian Deans has written another blog in his Muse on writing Science Fiction entitled Subtext and Story. The first in the series, Changing the Rules, can be found here. A third Muse will be published in conjunction with Asparagus Grass' release.

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