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Petrichor out now - showing young boy and fox against a drought stricken farm

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Petrichor by Melanie Rees

Cover of Petrichor showing young boy and fox against a drought stricken farm

Drought has turned the paddocks of Paddle Creek Station to dust. Now the death of Clayton's older brother has shaken his family to its core and left a gaping hole in Clayton's memory. A hole his parents won't even discuss.

When Waringa, in the shape of a fox-spirit, tells Clayton it's up to him to save his family and to free the rain spirits held prisoner by the demonic Red King, Clayton must find a strength within himself he never knew he possessed.

But as Waringa guides Clayton towards his ultimate battle with the Red King, his quest brings his whole family closer to the abandoned homestead where his brother died. And as it does Clayton's actions uncover raw wounds, forcing hidden memories to surface.


Dark Days available 20 May - showing two faces, female and male against a dark background

Dark Days by Leonie Rogers
(Book 2 in Leonie's Rogers' new fantasy series The Albatar Chronicles )

Book Cover Coming Soon

With the defeat of the Greater Gorgone, Kazari has survived her first ordeal as a Hunter. But the battle left both her body and mind scarred. As Kazari's training intensifies, the nightmares that haunt her sleep threaten to overwhelm her. Kazari has learned a great deal as a Hunter and Dancer, but she is still the only one who can sense when a demon from Beyond - a gorgone - is nearby. And as the Lady's followers prepare themselves for war, it becomes clear that Kazari will become one of the Lady's greatest weapons - if she can overcome her own fears.

But the threat to Albatar is rising - and evil lurks in surprising places.


The White Pavilion by Ruth Fox

Book Cover Coming Soon

When Imre falls dancing the Dance of a Thousand Steps, she is called to the Citadel by the Principe Regent, certain she is to be punished.

But the Regent is both more and less than he seems, and Imre must discover why Tierra Méjor is being ripped from its Core.

On a planet that moves to the ticking of a pendulum, can Imre prevent her world being torn apart?

Ruth Fox is the author of many books, including the award-winning Monster-boy: Lair of the Grelgoroth. She has a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing, and loves to read science fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, young adult, adult, literature, old books, new books, and everything in between.

Slip Stream by Alice Godwin

Book Cover Coming Soon

When the body of a young heiress is found and her baby, ripped from the still warm corpse, is taken; the woman's half-brother swears to bring those responsible to justice. It is a task that appears almost impossible until years later when he discovers the child's name, Raven.

Now Raven lives on the edge of society, earning her living surrounded and immersed in the electronic chatter and detritus of a future world. And then Ceriful crosses the boundaries, bringing the slipstream in his wake.

Ceriful - sometimes demon and sometimes angel, but always dangerous - a being from another reality, part fantasy, part product of those who still dream, and oh so enticing. Ceriful needs Raven to restore his realm, and he brings with him a promise. Now Raven's decision will either save his world, or ours.

But when the fantastic becomes real, people die.

Although Slipstream is Alice Godwin's first novel, the author has had numerous stories published in over 40 Anthologies, literary magazines, and online eZines (USA/UK/Australian). She was awarded Short Story of the Year 2008 by the Australian Horror Writers Association and been shortlisted in quite a few literary competitions, including Ireland's SF Aeon Award.

Nadir, Book 2 in the Clemhorn Trilogy by Andrew J Harvey:
Published by Zmok Books

Book Cover Coming Soon

Fleeing the attack by Miro and his new allies; Donald and Conrad need the aid of the Mmbuto e', a people who have no cause to love the Cross-Temporal Empire.

Meanwhile Ivy must fight a solitary war on Etu, facing attacks on two fronts, and her brother, Arnold's, very personal treachery.

Can they survive the war that has shattered the very foundations of the Cross-Temporal Empire.

Published by Zmok Books and distributed by Simon and Schuster.

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