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Recent Releases

The Unforgotten by Shaune Lafferty Webb - The final book in the Safe Habour Chronicle

Book Cover - The Unforgotten showing an alien village on a distant planet

A long time ago, Rab learned the secret of the planet he calls home. Now, after years of enslavement under the Feathers, Rab considers an escape with Cloud, hoping to find refuge with the few surviving Top-Siders who still live free in the west. But there have been dire warnings of a new breed of predator in the skies and the Kun, leader of the Feathers, has deployed his human captives to fortify the settlement's defences.

When the child of Rab's adopted son disappears and the Kun's settlement comes under siege, an unlikely friend surfaces and events are set in motion that will shatter perceptions and radically shift the course of the future.

"I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Rab, Fin, Gift and Cloud again and meeting new characters, while following them on their journey forwards. A great conclusion to the series." Brenda, Top Goodreads Reviewer

"The final instalment is sensational! A thrilling narrative that does not disappoint. The future of Rab and Cloud will keep you turning pages into the night! A great trilogy!" Ashleigh Armstrong, School Librarian

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Amethyst Pledge, Book One in a brand new series by Leonie Rogers, the author of the Frontier Series

Book Cover - Amethyst Pledge showing female face in swirls of Amethyst

Kazari had long dreamt of being called by the Lady - she who had created Albatar as a sanctuary for the faithful following the Gorgone War. But Kazari never expected to be the one to take the amethyst of the Hunter, or to become one of the Lady's elect. Those select few who defended Albatar's borders from the gorgones. Gorgones, evil demons, brought from Beyond by the Second King, corrupting those who worship them, destroying their minds, bodies and souls. And now rumours of evil, and gorgones, once more abound, heralding another approaching war.

"A fabulous start to a new series, exciting, un-put-downable, and with a very interesting plot and characters" Alayne Russell, Reviewer

"Wow! This was a solid 5/5 stars ... such a fantastic read!" Penelope Doucet, Goodreads Reviewer

"This book surprised me in all the best ways ... and I can’t wait for the second part!" Franzi Flick, Reviewer

"I loved this book! ... The book held my attention right from the beginning. I would give it 6 stars if I COULD!" Estella Hagin, Reviewer

"An exciting page turner" Renee Brown, Librarian

"Rogers gives the reader a worthy yet relatable protagonist, with interesting, likeable support characters, and presents them in a fascinating arena ... Likely to appeal to readers of all ages, this is an excellent beginning to a what promises to be an intriguing series." Marianne Vincent, Goodreads Reviewer

"One is swept along, as a reader, in an unrelenting current of effort, startlement, and emergency that simply does not allow beaching ... I’ve seldom found myself so smoothly engaged by such intimately detailed and professional-level writing" D Sutton, San Francisco Book Review

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Trouble on Teral, Book One in the Portal Adventures by Andrew J Harvey

Book Cover - Trouble on Teral showing Mark and Windracer in the Stone Garden

Perhaps running away from home had not been one of Mark's brightest ideas. But when his mom cancelled his visit to her archaeological dig on Teral 4 he felt he had no choice. Unfortunately his mom and the other archaeologists have been captured by the Llarst, and if the Llarst find what the archaeologists had discovered all of Earth will be in danger. Now, with just the assistance of Windracer, a young, reptilian on her first a vision quest, and her elephant-sized groundhog he has to rescue his mother and her friends, stop the Llarst, and face his Dad. Piece of cake ...

"An unforgettable, fast-paced intergalactic adventure ... An outstanding innovation on a well-loved theme. The Portal Adventures is well-told and yes, thoroughly believable." Shelley Davidow, internationally acclaimed author of 'Shadow Sisters'

"Trouble on Teral is the first in The Portal Adventures series by Aussie author Andrew Harvey and it was an exciting, adventure filled race against time for the two unlikely friends. I loved Windracer’s character, and Mark was a typical youngster, not thinking before acting. I’m really looking forward to the second in the series – Crisis at Calista Station – and recommend Trouble on Teral for young and old alike - 5 stars" Reading, Writing, and Riesling

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Published: Peasantry Press

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Coming Soon

A Wall Between the Worlds by Ruth Fox

The concluding book in Ruth's Bridges Trilogy
Available 15 September - Pre-order Now

Book Cover showing a boy playing a guitar in a park

Mikhal knows his friends, Jake and Keira, are hiding something from him. He's got his own problems, though - he's failing pretty much everything at school, he just punched his best friend, and all he wants to do is play his guitar.

When Sharna Devon is assigned to tutor him, he can't think of anything worse. Until his mum decides he needs to help out with her charity work. But soon he and Sharna are dragged into the mystery Jake and Keira are working so hard to conceal. Cari is still trapped between the worlds, and Cassidy Heights is in terrible danger. It seems this unlikely group of friends are the only hope that balance between the worlds can be restored.

It's not going to be easy. What exactly does Mikhal's music teacher know about Shar, the City of Silver Light? And can they stop the boundaries between the worlds eroding before it's too late?

Praise for the Bridges Trilogy

5 out of 5 stars, "Readers will be drawn in from the first page." A Creative Mind

"A resounding 5 stars" Terry Jackman - reviewer Albedo One

" ... beautifully written with intriguing world building ... " Christina - Ensconced in YA

" I love ... its delicious mix of genres; allegory, family story, fantasy, science fiction. ... "Readalot

"I heartily recommend this book at any reader who enjoys something a bit out of the general line." Sally Odgers, Children's and Teen Fiction Author

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Dark Days by Leonie Rogers (Book 2 in Leonie's Rogers' new fantasy series The Albatar Chronicles )

Book Cover Coming Soon

"Kazari bent over, gasping, dry-retching, heart thumping wildly in her chest, as she braced herself against the cold stone pillar of the Glade. The run had done little to rid her mind of the echoes of the Gorgone's voice. It haunted her dreams, stalked her meditations, and ricocheted around her skull when she was trying to study. Each morning she ran, but whether she was trying chase away the words or run from them, she wasn't sure. But at least for the minutes when she pumped her legs and arms, pushing her body to its limits, the voice was held at bay."

Petrichor by Melanie Rees

Book Cover Coming Soon

A disturbing, yet at the same time uplifting novel inspired by the author's time working with farmers in regional Australia during the last drought. Petrichor weaves fantasy adventure with the reality of life in the harsh outback, including the unspoken issue of rural suicide.

Crisis at Calista Station by Andrew J Harvey - Book Two of The Portal Adventures

Available 29 September

Book Cover - Trouble on Teral showing Mark and Windracer in the Stone Garden

Tania is tired of not having any friends because, every time her mom changes her job, they have to move. But then her mom gets the job as the security officer on Calista Station, and Tania meets Mark, and his friends Windracer, and Shr'un. When Shr'un's father and Tania's mom disappear, it is up to Tania and her new friends to solve the mystery.

Published by Peasantry Press

Read a sample and/or order online

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