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In LIEU by Barry Dean

Book Cover - A female in silhouette striding across time

Librarian, thief, or time-cop? Sometimes, not even those concerned can tell the difference - particularly when time-travel is involved, and things happen in order, out of order, and simultaneously at different times. Welcome to the time travelling world of L.I.E.U. A future world where nothing is quite as it seems.

Karsyn's Book Blog
'... a wild ride ... Go read it when it's released, you won't regret it! '

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I rather enjoyed this mind bending time travel book. It was well done and quite unique. As someone who reads a LOT of time travel, that's saying something.

This book takes you on a wild ride. From the start you are sent on a journey and are never sure when or where our MCs are. Some of the parts of the book are quick and precise, while other parts are more drawn out and detailed. The book revolves around two MCs, Holly and Cam as they go on their own journey through time.

Holly is recruited to be a librarian of some special books, but I say what they are, because that is part of the plot. They are very special books, very unique ones, none Holly has heard of before, yet is very important to her life. Holly and her assistants travel through time to get or do what is needed.

Time moves back and forth through this book. One minute is the past and one minute it's the future. In addition to the MCs there's a rather interesting fellow along for most of the journey. He's inception is rather cool and a lovely touch to the book.

It's hard to say too much about the book without giving too much away. It's just something that should be read without any preconceived notions going in. If you are a fan of of time travel, I do recommend this book. It's different and unique, unlike many other time travel books out there. The characters are lovable and quirky, not without some flaws. They make the book feel genuine. Go read it, you won't regret it!

Ron - Goodreads' Librarian
'Are you prepared to have your mind twisted like a pretzel with time paradoxes, events happening out of order, effects preceding causes? If so, then set yourself right down and read In L.I.E.U. and have your fears unconfirmed.'

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Are you prepared to have your mind twisted like a pretzel with time paradoxes, events happening out of order, effects preceding causes? If so, then set yourself right down and read In L.I.E.U. and have your fears unconfirmed. Supposedly the tale of Holly Penworthy, it is more the tale of Cameliel Cameron, commonly known as Cam, who helps recruit Holly as the Librarian in 1960. but that occurs after Holly has recruited him as Assistant Librarian in 2019. And time keeps getting twisted for poor Cam and his cartooning with trips to the future, the past and into Romance with Holly's granddaughter Petra. This is a fun ride that ends with enough plot hints that another adventure for some of the characters may issue out of the Time-Continuum in our future. I for one will be on the lookout for such an occurrence.

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There's No Place Like Hell by Janis Hill

Book Cover - The Unforgotten showing Stephanie approaching the shadow of a fallen angel

Stephanie Anders, Protector of Souls, has met her hardest task yet: saving the soul of the man who ruined her life and ended her marriage. Simon was her ex-husband's best friend and someone who made her life a living hell. However, Simon has managed to sell his soul and needs her help to get it back, and he's literally sending her to hell to get it. Unfortunately as the Protector of Souls Stephanie can't refuse the task. There’s just two problems: how does she get there, and then how does she get out again before she becomes a demon?

Critics praised Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh My! book 1 in the Other World series

'Janis has become one of my favourite writers. This book is great. I couldn't put it down. I love the characters and the world she has created.' A Creative Mind

'A fast-paced, exciting and entertaining story for all fans of paranormal/fantasy books.' Reading 2011 (and Beyond)

'A total laugh out loud journey, ridiculous and refreshing.' MartysReads

'... good and fun, and entertaining' Novellum

'Stephanie is a fantastic character, likeable and feisty.' Claire loves to read!

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Nightfall by Andrew Harvey (Zmok books) - autographed by the author

Book Cover - Donald Clemhorn standing in front of 1720 scene, with an airship overhead

As the Cross-Temporal Empire slides towards civil war, a war that threatens to destroy the Empire and the fifty-four parallel Earths that make it up, the Clemhorn family finds itself drawn into a struggle not only for the future of the Empire, but for their very lives. In a war that will split families, and set brother against sister.

"Nightfall is a combination of classic sci-fi invasion and imperial literature with a compelling plot" - The San Francisco Book Review (reviewed by Jo Niederhoff)

"The author did a great job bringing this new world, and its characters to life" - Locks Hooks and Books

"The first novel in what promises to be an epic multivolume series" - Michael Cnudde (author of War Plan Crimson, A Novel of Alternate History - Somerset House Press)

"Nightfall is a complex, logical and enthralling alternate history with a huge story arc" - Tatitjarra (Amazon Australia reviewer)

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Coming Soon

The Unforgotten by Shaune Lafferty Webb - The final book in the Safe Habour Chronicle

Book Cover - The Unforgotten showing an alien village on a distant planet

A long time ago, Rab learned the secret of the planet he calls home. Now, after years of enslavement under the Feathers, Rab considers an escape with Cloud, hoping to find refuge with the few surviving Top-Siders who still live free in the west. But there have been dire warnings of a new breed of predator in the skies and the Kun, leader of the Feathers, has deployed his human captives to fortify the settlement's defences.

When the child of Rab's adopted son disappears and the Kun's settlement comes under siege, an unlikely friend surfaces and events are set in motion that will shatter perceptions and radically shift the course of the future.

Available late 2019

Amethyst Pledge, Book One in a new fantasy series by best selling author Leonie Rogers, author of Frontier Incursion

Book Cover - Amethyst Pledge showing female face in swirls of Amethyst

Kazari had long dreamt of being called by the Lady - she who had created Albatar as a sanctuary for the faithful following the Gorgone War. But Kazari never expected to be the one to take the amethyst of the Hunter, or to become one of the Lady's elect. Those select few who defended Albatar's borders from the gorgones. Gorgones, evil demons, brought from Beyond by the Second King, corrupting those who worship them, destroying their minds, bodies and souls. And now rumours of evil, and gorgones, once more abound, heralding another approaching war.

Available early 2020

And coming in 2020

A Wall Between the Worlds by Ruth Hill

The concluding book in Ruth's Bridges Trilogy

Book Cover - The City of Silver Light Book Cover - Across the Bridge of Ice Book Cover with Title only?

Praise for the Bridges Trilogy

5 out of 5 stars, "Readers will be drawn in from the first page." A Creative Mind

"A resounding 5 stars" Terry Jackman - reviewer Albedo One

" ... beautifully written with intriguing world building ... " Christina - Ensconced in YA

" I love ... its delicious mix of genres; allegory, family story, fantasy, science fiction. ... "Readalot

"I heartily recommend this book at any reader who enjoys something a bit out of the general line." Sally Odgers, Children's and Teen Fiction Author

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