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Good Reviews for Janis Hill's Bonnie's Story - A Blonde's Guide to Mathematics

Cover - Bonnies Story


"A brilliant YA story from an author with the imagination to fire a dozen Dr Who stories! Exciting and gripping." Michael Jecks, author of the Sir Baldwin and Simon medieval murder mysteries

"I am in love with this book! ... a great mixture of New Adult/Adult romance and The Big Bang Theory on television. I loved Bonnie! She was a spitfire, a great mix of a damsel in distress and a strong female lead." Amy Cagle - Books Complete Me Unlimited
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"I picked this book up to read yesterday ... and I finished it this morning and the kitchen floor is still dirty. I didn't want to put it down, although I did sleep in the middle. It was the kind of book that slowly sucks you in and then you realise that you're halfway through and really need to get some sleep." Leonie Rogers, author of Frontier Incursion
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The August edition of the 'Sacramento Book Review' gave it 4 out of 5 stars and said ... an entertaining science fiction-ish tale of teleportation and friendship. ... Bonnie's Story is a light-hearted sci-fi story in the mode of Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett--goofy and entertaining at the same time. Bonnie shows more depth than one might guess from the 'blonde' tag she carries, along with an engaging personality. A well-done book with good characterization, dialog, and concepts... Show/Hide the full review

Bonnie's story

Meet Bonnie and the new man in her life, Rogan; and discover what happens when hard maths meets a rolled up newspaper.

When Bonnie encounters Rogan taking a photograph of the street sign outside her house, she is plunged into a world she couldn't have expected. A world where she visits the Moon, watches life begin, and learns the true depth of a mathematics that allows Rogan and his friends to travel instantly across the world using nothing more than their mobile phones.

But now Bonnie has bigger problems than a boyfriend who can walk through walls - she's running for her life, and if she's caught ...

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Our new Blog

Welcome to our new blog which will cover all things writing, publishing, and eBooks. The blog will be updated every Sunday. Some of the topics we have coming up for you include:

If you have any specific suggestions, or anything you want us to cover, then let us know. http://blog.haguepublishing.com/

Forthcoming releases

Several months ago we announced the signing of Shelley Davidow whose new book 'Lights Over Emerald Creek' will be our next release. Shelley was born and grew up in South Africa and is the author of 35 books, ranging from children's readers to adult fiction and non-fiction. She has lived on five continents and now makes her home on the eastern seaboard of Australia, with her husband and son.

Since that announcement we have committed to releasing the sequel to Leonie Roger's successful Frontier Incursion, as well as a new book by Janis Hill, and of course Ruth's sequel to The City of Silver Light.

The following is provided to wet your appetite.

Lights over Emerald Creek by Shelley Davidow

Lucy Wright, sixteen and a paraplegic after a recent car accident that took her mother's life, lives in Queensland on a 10,000 acre farm with her father. One night, Lucy sees strange lights over the creek at the bottom of the property. The discovery catapults her into a parallel universe, and a newly emerging world, connected to her own by means of resonance and sound. As realities divide, her mission in this new world is revealed.

The cover is being illustrated by French graphic designer David Lecossu, and after seeing the first sketch it promises to be mind-blowing.

Frontier Resistence by Leonie Rogers

After the cataclysmic encounter with the alien invaders, Shanna and her fellow Scouts follow their new allies into the wilds of Below. Their new Starlyne friends have startling revelations for them, and it soon becomes clear that they need to face the invaders before they can send word for reinforcements. During the course of their training, Shanna and Taya slowly begin to mend their relationship, and they and their fellow cadets slowly learn the skills that might save their world.

Meanwhile, at the colony ship, the Garsal Overlord progresses his plans to subjugate the human settlers on Frontier, while on the plateau Master Cerren struggles to set defence plans in motion that will help save his people.

Once again the cover is being illustrated by talented Australian artist and illustrator Emma Llewelyn, who also did the cover for Frontier Incursion.

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh my! by Janis Hill

Stephanie Anderson is on the way to the funeral of her estranged sister Estella. Estella had apparently fallen in with a crowd of new-age types calling themselves 'The Temple of Isis' just prior to her death. On arriving at the church, however, Stephanie discovers her sister isn't exactly dead, but rather has been partially infected by a vampiric virus which allows a vampire to inhabit her body at night.

To save her sister's soul and banish the vampire Stephanie must retrieve the vampire's crucible. In doing so she finds herself bound to the ghost of a pissed off Buddhist monk, makes several deals with both creatures of the Dark and Light, and learns what happens if you try to imprison a vampire with a sunbed.

Across the Bridge of Ice by Ruth Fox

In 'The City of Silver Light', Keira Leichman spent the night lost in a wild snowstorm that struck Cassidy Heights. But what really happened that night? Not even Keira can be sure. What she does know is that she's been having strange dreams since the accident, and now she's stuck with a broken ankle and the possibility of never playing soccer again. That is, until she finds Jake's telescope, which calls her to the City of Silver Light.

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