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In LIEU by Barry Dean

Cover - In LIEU showing a woman striding across time

Librarian, thief, or time-cop? Sometimes, not even those concerned can tell the difference — particularly when time-travel is involved, and things happen in order, out of order, and simultaneously at different times.

Welcome to the time travelling world of L.I.E.U. A future world where nothing is quite as it seems.

REVIEW - "Are you prepared to have your mind twisted like a pretzel with time paradoxes, events happening out of order, effects preceding causes? If so, then set yourself right down and read In L.I.E.U. and have your fears unconfirmed. This is a fun ride that ends with enough plot hints that another adventure for some of the characters may issue out of the Time-Continuum in our future. I for one will be on the lookout for such an occurrence. Ron Titus (Librarian)

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There's No Place Like Hell by Janis Hill

Cover - Female with sword facing shadows

Sometimes you have to protect those you hate.

Stephanie Anders, Protector of Souls, has met her hardest task yet: saving the soul of someone she hates —her ex-husband’s best friend. After having accidentally sold his own soul Stephanie must now journey to Hell to recover it. There’s just two problems: how does she get there, and then how does she get out again before she becomes a demon?

"Stephanie is a fantastic character, likeable and feisty." Claire loves to read!

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Faithless by Shaune Lafferty Webb

Cover - Faithless showing shadow of man on a desolate snowfield

Welcome back to the frozen and devastated world of Shaune's 'Safe Harbour'.

Ten years ago Rab learned the secret of the planet he calls home - and lost the young girl he'd vowed to protect; traded for a sweater, a set of gloves and a second-hand pair of boots. Since then, he's wandered the barren surface alone searching for her, returning to the tunnels only when hunger, exhaustion or the inconstant seasons offer him no choice. When a freak accident occurs during the harvest, the death of an old friend finds Rab agreeing to abandon his search and guide Fin, now a tunnel-dweller, and Cloud, a former captive of the Top-siders, back to his old village to deliver a macabre and precious cargo. Although reconciled to honouring his word, Rab is convinced that their reckless journey south will tell him nothing he doesn't already know and that the secret he has dutifully guarded all these years is in no danger of being exposed. He is wrong.

"I really enjoyed this book. Even though it's the middle one in a trilogy, it stands alone perfectly. There's always a sense of mystery in Lafferty Webb's work, a mystery that seems to be conveyed between the lines rather than in them. This sense of mystery gives an extra dimension to everything she writes. The plot has some lovely, imaginative developments, and the ending left me keen to read the last book in the series when it comes out." Danielle de Valera

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Frontier Defiant by Leonie Rogers

Cover - Frontier Defiant showing Shanna and two starcats

The much-awaited conclusion to Leonie Rogers' 'Frontier' series.

The new-found alliance of Starlyne and human has fought back, but the Garsal invaders are relentless in their desire to conquer Frontier. Once again, Shanna, her fellow cadets, and their starcats find themselves on the front-line. But even as she and the other cadets begin to master their new skills tragedy strikes, and all of Shanna's resolve is tested as she discovers there is even more at stake than she'd ever believed possible.

As Garsal attacks on Watchtower and the other human settlements intensify, the cadets and Patrol Ten are sent on a mission to infiltrate the Garsal ship. But even as Garsal attacks increase, factions start to appear within the seemingly implacable foe. Now, as Patrol Ten and the cadets begin their mission to free those slaves with the knowledge that may enable the alliance to strike back, Frontier's future seems increasingly uncertain.

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